EMICO Medika is an independent imaging medical equipment service company with headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania. Convenient geographical position positively impacts smoothness of our operations both in Europe and Asia.
Our company consists of experts with long-term experience in the imaging equipment field and competences allow us to provide Customers with the highest quality services at the most rational price.


At EMICO we offer full solution to any imaging equipment related challenge. Starting from purchasing of the equipment to servicing of the installed equipment. Our strength is that we are very flexible, personal and hear what our Customers tell us. We always aim for long-term relationships rather than short term benefits chase. Customer is treated as an partner with whom we go through good and bad times together.


We position ourselves as a company that solves unsolvable problems. Critical out of the box thinking is playing an important role and this quality is something we always develop and look for ways. to evolve. We start working from the point where others gave up.