IT Products

Many years of experience in developing software for the medical and industrial sectors, many successfully implemented projects around the world, unique solutions for integration with most well-known devices from manufacturers such as Philips, GE, Canon, Siemens allow us to offer unique and affordable solutions even for the most difficult situations and projects.

The company Emico Medika offers:

  • Design and implementation of turnkey infrastructures in IT projects in medical institutions;
  • Audit of existing networks, software, integrations;
  • Updating and reorganization of physical and virtual networks of server equipment;
  • Automation of the processes of exchange and receipt of information, diagnostic results, analyzes;
  • Virtualization of workplaces and computing resources, centralized management and implementation of international standards for the safety and security of patient data;
  • Maintenance, development or revision of HIS systems at any level. Integration with other products, CT devices, MRI, etc.
  • Storage systems at any level, specialized PACS systems;
  • Transfer of infrastructure to cloud systems, hybrid fault-tolerant solutions with a complete absence of delays;
  • Data exchange systems between clinics, doctors;
  • Development of specialized websites for medical institutions with personal workplaces for patients and doctors;
  • Mobile applications for infrastructure control, operational flow control and patient distribution, equipment control and real-time communication with the patient.