URMS – Innovation in the field of medical equipment service system

URMS (Universal Remote Medical Service) is a universal platform for remote service support of medical and other equipment, the main purpose of which is to implement a full cycle of service repair and scheduled maintenance of high-tech equipment (CT, MRI, Angio, X-ray). When developing this product, the long-term experience of leading service companies and specialists was taken into account, which made it possible to create a universal system that is equally effective regardless of the type of equipment, size of the hospital, or infrastructure.

URMS is the best service for your client, the fastest and least costly for you. Your equipment will be serviced by drones that automatically fly around the equipment technical room. Keep records of indicators, take data from LED indicators, conduct infrared surveys of equipment nodes to account for the temperature conditions of equipment operation.

How it works?

URMS is a hardware-software complex that allows you to automatically monitor the status of medical systems, collect data from all sensors in real time, monitor their readings and warn them in case of a malfunction. Collect real-time log data from medical equipment, store all data about the medical device, contain the structure of the device, a description of its components and their basic data, and keep a complete history of malfunctions and work performed.

Provide your customers with the highest (hi-tech) service.